Acupuncture: Does it really work?



About two months ago my boss came into work and told me I should start doing acupuncture for my Crohn’s Disease, anxiety and allergies. I looked at her like she was fucking crazy. I was confident that acupuncture was all just a myth and doesn’t actually help you.

I decided to give it a try even though I didn’t really believe in the whole process. I’m beyond glad I gave it a chance because I was V wrong.

It has changed my life.

Living with Crohn’s disease as a 24 year old isn’t easy. It isn’t easy because well- I’m 24 and I have a social life. My social life revolves around eating Chicago’s AH-MAZING foods, drinking with my friends, dating, working, more drinking, and just the stress of trying to figure life out.

I got diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 20. My junior year of College. AKA I thought my life was over. I was turning 21 a few months after my diagnosis, and I went to one of the biggest party schools in America. Fest season at Ohio University was around the corner, and let me just say the food at OU wasn’t the healthiest. ****Shout out to O’bettys, Big Mama’s and Good Fellas at 3:00AM Wednesday-Sunday. Never forget.**** I also had the stress of school work and trying to manage a boyfriend.

But not until I was out of College did I really realize living with Crohn’s was a lot harder to manage. Let’s face it- I didn’t give a shit in College. I basically could have ruined my health forever. Whatever advice my doctor gave me about drinking and eating in college went in one ear and out the other.

When I moved to Chicago I was single and going on dates. Sounds pathetic that going on dates changed the way I took care of my body. But, I had to be really careful of what I ate on dates because I didn’t want to vomit all over the guy I just met who took me out to deep dish pizza… That would be the end of that.


Food wasn’t the only thing triggering my “flare ups” Stress & anxiety were a huge factor.

I started acupuncture 2 months ago and I have never felt better. Not only is it helping my Crohn’s, but it’s making me stress free, and really helping with my anxiety. I’ll be honest- I don’t eat exactly how I should and treat my body the way I should, but it isn’t easy being 24.

That being said.. Anyone wanting to try acupuncture and are having doubts PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it and try. I promise it will make a difference.


xoxo, E